For Parents and Teachers

The Children’s Department maintains a Parent/Teacher Collection which contains a variety of materials for home and classroom use.


What can be found here for parents?

  • Information on developmental stages of children
  • Toilet training techniques
  • Ideas for children’s parties for home and school
  • How to discuss the facts of life with your child
  • Help in handling discipline issues
  • Ideas and ways to help your child with homework
  • Activities to do with children
  • Homeschooling ideas

Online Resources

Browse our list of sites of particular interest to parents, including KidsHealth, PBS Parents and many more.

  • The Children’s Literature Web Guide: Internet resources related to books for children and young adults. Includes book awards, best book lists, and links to authors and stories on the web.
  • The Children’s Partnership Online Resources for Parents: A listing of non-commercial resources and sites for parents.
  • Family Fun: From Disney, this site includes activities, education, food, health, travel, and more.
  • Idea Box: Early childhood education and activity resources.
  • Pregnancy & Parenting: Parenting news topics include health, family, baby, and pregnancy.
  • KidsHealth: From the medical experts of The Nemours Foundation, the parenting section includes articles relating to children’s growth, diet, emotions, behavior, etc.
    KidSource OnLine: A source for in-depth and timely education and healthcare information.
  • Parents Talk: Games, recipes, technical tips, links, advice, and more.
  • PBS Parents: Guides for parents in all things kid from development to going to school to birthday parties.
  • Surfing the Net with Kids: A list of favorite sites for kids, reviewed and rated by newspaper columnist Barbara J. Feldman.


What can be found here for teachers?

  • Information on using the Internet with students
  • Curriculum ideas
  • Materials to enhance the classroom experience
  • Multicultural materials

What can the Children’s Staff do for you?

  • Let us know if your class is doing a special assignment and we can put aside books for students to use
  • Tours of the library to meet the needs of your class
  • A visit to your classroom, based on your needs
  • Kid Packs – books based on your criteria, selected for you by staff
  • Special assignment collection, for checkout or in-house use

Browse our list of sites useful to educators, including Kathy Schrock’s (Web) Guide for Educator’s, PBS Teachers and many more.

Selected Web Sites of Interest to Teachers