Library Board

Elected to Serve by Village Residents:

Lisa Carson – Term ending 2021
Stephanie DaSilva – Term ending 2021
Adriana Romano – Term ending 2021
Sharon Wells – Term ending 2023
Joseph Young – Term ending 2023

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Foia Requests

For any inquires about FOIA or submission of FOIA requests, please contact FOIA Officer Tim Prendergast at

Library Vision, Mission, Core Values and Core Services


As an essential part of the Hodgkins community, the library will reach everyone through learning and entertainment.


Our Mission is to foster growth and community through information and creative experience.

Core Values

  • Building community
  • User-centered services
  • Current, varied, and balanced collections of materials
  • Accessible, quality facilities and outreach services
  • Innovative ways to incorporate technology into integral services
  • Leadership in all levels of staffing
  • Collaborative agreements with other libraries and agencies
  • Sound financial management and support to insure efficient and effective services
  • On-going relationships with area government and community organizations to enhance internal and external opportunities

Core Services

  • Quality customer service
  • Providing materials and resources that meet the needs and wishes of our diverse and growing community
  • Babies & Preschoolers’ “Door to Learning”
  • Sharing materials within the “SWAN” Library Consortium
  • Connecting the collections to our communities through programming, literacy, and outreach services
  • Community gathering place